Your Trusted Supplier of Commercial Fireproofing & Insulation in Suffolk County, MA

Using the correct fireproofing methods for your property is one of the many ways that should be utilized to keep people safe. At RicMor Construction, Inc., we provide a variety of solutions to clients. As your subcontractor specializing in commercial fireproofing and insulation in Suffolk County, MA, we provide the materials you need to complete your construction project on time and within your budget.

Whether you are making updates to your building or planning the construction of a new facility, we’re here to support you. Thanks to our skill, experience, and client-first approach to service, attaining the right results will be simple and straightforward.

Finding the Right Materials for Your Project
Fireproofing and insulation serve as a critical line of defense when an emergency happens. They uphold a building’s structural integrity so that occupants have time to get to safety. Due to the necessity and functionality of these materials, today’s building codes require that structures have fireproofing measures in place.

Our commercial fireproofing and insulation materials are high-quality and are available in fire-resistance ratings as mandated by state building codes. We will work with you to identify your property’s fire safety needs and then work to ensure they are implemented properly. As a result, your construction project will proceed smoothly.

Contact us to request a consultation for adding fireproofing to your building or new construction. Our company serves Suffolk County, MA.

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RicMor Construction, Inc. is a full-service construction company that specializes in commercial fireproofing. We are a licensed applicator of CAFCO products. With over 50 years of combined experience, we can assist any client in Boston, Massachusetts. Our team has the ability to complete subcontract work for construction managers, general contractors, building owners, and more.

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